Dienstag, 29. Juni 2010

Strong moves

In the diagram below you see a position from Carlsen - Wang Yue (Bazna 2010). White has rook for bishop, but the position is not easy to play for White and it would take a long time to realize the advantage. Fortunately - from Magnus point of view - Black blundered with his last move 45.- g6-g5?

Now White played the amazing move 46.g4! This is a tactical shot since the following moves are forced: 46.- hxg4 47.h5! (the idea behind g4; now White has a passed pawn) 47.- Be4 48.Rc7! f5 49.h6 f4 50.h7 g3+ 51.Ke1 f3 52.h8-Q f2+ 53.Ke2 (53.Kd2) Bd3+ 54.Ke3 1-0

With games like this Magnus Carlsen proves that he will be the next World Chess Champion. At least I have no doubt that this is going to happen.


Montag, 14. Juni 2010

Horrible endgame technique

Below you see a position from Bologan - Motylev (Poikovsky 2010). Black played 61.- f4?? which loses on the spot (61.- g5 is draw).

Black's idea is hard to understand. Fixing the pawn f3 on a white square? Now White has an easy way to win. 62.Bc3+ Kg5 (62.- Kf7 loses the pawn f4 and the game after Kd4-Ke4-Bd2) 63.Bxg7 Kxh5 64.Bd4 Kh4 (maybe Black is dreaming about winning the pawn f3 and sacrificing the bishop for the d-pawn, but this is not going to happen) 65.Bc5 (65.Bf2+ is better) Bb8 66.Kd4 Kg5 (66.- Kg3 67.Ke4 loses the f-pawn after White's d6, d7, Bd6, Bxf4+) 67.d6 a5 68.Kd5 a4 69.Bb6 1-0



Samstag, 5. Juni 2010

Tactis (33)

White forces a win in Jakovenko - Bologan (Poikovsky 2010).

Solution (diff. ♠♠♠○○): 1.d6 Rd2 2.d7!! Rxd7 (2.- Kg7 3.Bf5 Nc5 4.Re8 Nxd7 5.Re7+ +-) 3.Be8! winning an exchange (1-0, 58.)